How Doll Sewing Kits And Stories Can Help Your Bullied Child Open Up


According to research, nearly one out of every five school-aged children say they have been bullied. As alarming as that is, another study found that children who were chronically bullied were five times more likely to self-harm later in adolescence. If you are the parent or grandparent of a young child who is being bullied, it's crucial for you to open the lines of communication with the child in your care so you can assess whether or not it's time for professional guidance from a therapist. One way to do that is through role playing with the help of a doll and story kit. Here's how.

Select a doll and story kit

Doll and story kits are designed and written to teach character traits and how to deal with various challenging situations, such as handling bullies and dealing with peer pressure. While you could pick up a book from your local library with the librarian's suggestion, your child may need a bit more time with you and prodding in order for the emotions and words to start flowing. Doll and story kits that double as craft projects, such as sewing kits, can give you more time to work together on solving the issues at hand. 

Go shopping together 

Some doll and story kits that double as craft projects give you all of the materials that are needed to complete the project, but some do not. If your project needs additional materials, take your child shopping with you so they can choose the colors and materials they want to use. This will give them more of an ownership to the finished project. Make an afternoon of it by adding in a stop at their favorite fast food restaurant on the way to or from the store(s) where you get the materials. 

Work on the kit together

Work on the kit together when there will be no possible interruptions or time limitations. Read the book together first, then work on the craft portion of the kit. That way, they can keep their hands busy and their eyes focused on the project while they think about how the child in the story handled the bullying situation they were in. By having something else to look at rather than looking into your eyes, they may feel less intimidated and more apt to open up and start talking about when they have been bullied. 

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21 May 2017

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