How To Get Your Little Child Started With Math Using Drawing


Are you home schooling your child? Perhaps he or she is about to start kindergarten. Either way, getting him or her started with math at home is a great idea. Those math concepts can be tricky, so think about helping your child get a head start by using methods that contain drawing, such as those from Mary Smale.

Start With Stories - Use numbers every chance you get.

  • For example, when you read story books like The Three Little Pigs, point to each piggy and say the word three as you point to each piggy.
  • Tell stories by using music, too. For instance, sing the classic Ten Little Indians and show your child on his or her own fingers what ten actually means.
  • Tell a story about a little child who wants to have a bowl of ice cream, letting your little one know that you are telling a story about him or her. In the story, figure out how many scoops of ice cream the child wants. After the story, show your child how many scoops he or she chose. They might have to be tiny scoops!
  • In the kitchen, tell a story about a mommy who wants to make cookies with her little child. Tell how many ingredients will be needed and count them as you set them on the cabinet. For example, when you set out the flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla and chocolate chips, you'll count five items as you set them out.

Use Your Own Drawings - You certainly don't have to be an artist to teach your child math using pictures you have drawn yourself.

  • Keep it simple. For instance, use stick figures that represent those ten little Indians in the song. 
  • Distinguish items using different colors. For example, if you are teaching a simple addition lesson, use red for the first number you are adding and use green for the second one. The answer would be in a color like blue.
  • Get your little one to draw, too. For instance, ask him or her to make pictures of the three little kittens in the story book you have read together.
  • Get your child to draw sets of things. An example of that concept is for your child to draw three boats, three cars and then three trains. Count them together so that he or she will see that there are nine things in his or her picture.

As you go shopping, ask your child to count things. For example, count how many apples you are putting in the plastic sack.


12 August 2017

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