Setting Up The Perfect Classroom


Setting up a daycare space is one of the most enjoyable parts of starting your new childcare business. Providing for the needs of educating children requires a lot of supplies and equipment. Here is a look at the basic pieces of furniture every classroom should have.


Start with a comfortable base to build your room upon. You can choose from brightly colored area rugs, or rugs in more subdued, calming colors. You also have the option of textile rugs, or carpets that are made of a durable stain-resistant nylon that are easy to keep cleaning and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Some carpets have learning activities incorporated into them, such as a map of the United States or the alphabet and numbers. Others are play mats, with hopscotch or made to look like racetracks.

Tables And Chairs

Whether your space will work best or round tables, square, or rectangular, a classroom furniture supply company will have just the right thing to meet your needs. Larger areas are well suited to circular group tables that when put together form a semi-circle or a complete circle. This allows teachers and children both to freely interact with everyone in the group. Square tables are best when small groups are wanted. Rectangular tables and individual desks are ideal for when you want the focus to be on the teachers and the lessons presented.

Stacking chairs are best when you want the freedom to rearrange the room according to your needs, whereas sturdy wooden chairs are best for more permanent arrangements. You can also get low-to-the-ground comfortable seating that is more suitable for quiet individual activities, such as reading.  

Storage And Lockers

Cubby units that have a grid of individual spaces that can be fitted with storage containers are a great way to keep your classroom organized, implementing the "a place for everything, and everything in its place" strategy of keeping classroom order. You can also buy a row of lockers, where each child has their own designated space to keep their overcoats, boots, school bag, and more.


Rows of bookshelves can hold not only books, but toys and art supplies as well. You may also want to consider a revolving book stand if you are short on space. A circular shelf that holds three-ring binders is another great option for helping the children create their own learning binders. Book nooks that incorporate a bookshelf as well as a padded area to sit and read are yet another option. 


28 December 2017

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