Homeschooling In The Middle School Years: 3 Ways To Make History Come Alive For Your Child


Your decision to homeschool your child gives you the freedom to adjust your teaching style to fit your child's needs. During the middle school years, it often becomes necessary for homeschooling parents to try new things to keep their child's interest up in subjects that are critical for their learning. You can use these tips to motivate your child to work on their history lessons so that they can learn more about how things work in the world.

Choose the Right Curriculum

For a sixth grader, history lessons can sometimes feel dry and boring when there are so many current events going on in the world. However, the right 6th grade homeschool history curriculum makes learning about the past exciting. Although your child is not past the point of having fully illustrated textbooks, there should still be visual images among the text to help your child picture the events that they are reading about. You should also find that facts are interspersed with stories about the culture of the various periods that your child learns about so that they stay engaged.

Include Geography Lessons

Your child's 6th grade homeschool history lessons are also a great time to teach geography. For instance, you can help your child find the places that they are learning about on a globe or map so that they seem more real. You can also create geography lessons that enhance your child's knowledge of history such as asking your child to create a map that an ancient civilization might have followed during a major journey or war.

Provide Real Life Learning Opportunities

History lessons never have to be boring when you know how to supplement the curriculum with hands-on opportunities for your child to explore the concepts that they learn each day. Consider a field trip to the museum to help your child see artifacts from the events that they learn about. Alternatively, you could visit a historical site in your hometown that applies to your state's history. When you get your child's new curriculum, spend a few minutes going through the different lessons to plan events that allow your child to see history come to life.

With the right curriculum and some careful planning, your child will learn to love their middle school history lessons. As you plan for the upcoming year, be sure to blend textbook and hands-on lessons so that your child looks forward to their schoolwork each day.


10 May 2018

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