How To Use Cannabis Responsibly


Contrary to popular belief, many people don't wish to smoke cannabis, typically referred to as marijuana or pot, simply for the effects of the drug. Some states allow the drug to be used on a personal, recreational level or for medicinal purposes. If you want to try cannabis but don't want to do so irresponsibly, here are tips for using marijuana in a safe way so you can get the benefits of this herb.

Read up on its uses

Before you attempt to smoke or ingest cannabis — cannabis is available not just in smoking form, but in edibles and even in tea form as well — learn what the drug is all about and what it is historically and most recently used for. Common uses for cannabis include increasing appetite, calming nerves, reducing or managing pain, and other helpful uses. You want to know all about the drug, including its side effects and what it does to your system, before you take your first hit.

You can read books like Cannabis Catechism on the responsible consumption of cannabis. Being educated on the drug will help you decide if cannabis is right for your needs.

Know your limits

The first thing you should ask yourself before using cannabis is this: what do you hope to get out of the herb? Do you want to escape reality with the mind-altering effects of the drug? Are you hoping to get some relief from chronic pain and headaches? Are you just curious about marijuana? Are you wanting to try marijuana so you fit in with the crowds or because you want to get off of other drugs?

In reading more about marijuana and understanding your own intentions with the drug, you can make more educated decisions regarding marijuana use. Just because marijuana is legal in some states and is known to have some positive medical benefits doesn't mean your mindset may be correct for using the drug. The only way to know if cannabis is right for you is to learn as much about the drug as possible.

There are several books and reports available to help you make the best decision regarding cannabis use. Once you decide if marijuana is right for you, limit your intake until you understand how the herb affects your body and mind. When you use cannabis responsibly, you can benefit from the herb. Write down your usage and how you feel when you try cannabis to give you an idea of how future use will affect you.


26 September 2018

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