3 Ways To Prepare Your Kids For A Strange School Year


Depending on where you live, your child may or may not be going back to school for face-to-face learning in the fall of 2020. However, parents have to be prepared to teach their children as much as possible, regardless of what happens at the school-district level. Here are three ways to get kids ready for what might be a strange school year, even if you are low on time and energy. 

1. Invest In Living Skills Learning Books

One of the neat things about formal schooling is the fact that teachers often teach your kids practical life skills, like how to call for an emergency, along with math, science, and writing. However, it can be challenging to do those things at home, unless you have the right materials handy. 

Living skills learning books talk about everything from making friends and knowing how to talk with others respectfully to daily personal hygiene, helping parents to tackle a comprehensive range of topics. Think about investing in a set of these books to make it easier to remember, and do a lesson or two every day. Look online for living skills learning books

2. Create A Daily Schedule

Whether you will be scheduling video calls for your children and their teachers or sending those tots back to class, it is important to create a daily schedule for your kids so they know what to expect. Think about getting a large whiteboard or a chalkboard for a main hallway in your home, hanging it up, and creating a daily and monthly schedule on either side. That way, kids know what to expect, and they can enjoy looking ahead to what the day holds. 

3. Get Organized 

In the days before school starts, do everything you can to get organized. Find school clothes for your children, put them in a place according to the day, and make sure they have all of the school supplies and other things you think they need. Getting things ahead of time helps you to avoid the rush, and makes it easier to avoid problems later. Think about different challenges you have during the year with organization, and work on those things before school starts. 

Remember, you aren't alone in your quest to provide your child with a better education. Work with your child's educators, school district, and even playgroups in your area to give your little one everything they need to succeed in the coming year. 


5 August 2020

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