Transported By Words: Tips For Sharing Your Adventure In A Memoir


For many, going on an adventure may simply not be a feasible option. Work and life obligations can often get in the way of plans, and many desirable destinations remain untraveled. However, joining another in the form of a book can transport a reader across oceans, through misty mountaintops, and across landscapes that are only dreamed of. Sharing your travel adventures in a memoir is the perfect opportunity to open a new world to your readers from your perspective. Here are just a few ideas on what to include in your adventure memoir to make your readers get the fullest experience possible. 

Magic in the Details

Giving your readers a sense of adventure will start with your journey to places that amaze them and hold their attention. While readers may have never been to the locations you've traveled to, they can easily be transported there with your words. Describe your adventure in vivid, rich detail that goes into the details of your experience. For hikers on the Appalachian Trail, for instance, their experiences could be described by noting the types of foliage around them, their close encounters with animals, and even how the weather affected their hike. Perhaps a majestic canyon completely took your breath away when you first saw it; try to transport your readers into that experience, relating how the air felt or how your heart was racing. 

Connections with Others

While describing the locations you've traveled to will capture a reader's attention, nothing quite compares to the interactions you have with others. Readers will want to know the types of people you interacted with and what role they played in your adventure. If your adventure took you backpacking across Europe for a year, for example, you can describe the types of locals you met and how they helped you better understand their culture. For someone who traversed the Amazon jungle, on the other hand, sharing the insight and wisdom of a knowledgeable guide could be very entertaining and informative. Sharing jokes and stories that warm the heart will provide a more intimate glimpse into your story, allowing your reader to completely immerse themselves in the experience. 

Tasting Adventure

One of the best things about traveling somewhere new is tasting the region's food and exploring the flavors that make each place unique. Readers will understandably be curious about the food and drink you partook in during your adventure. Again, details will be key here so be as descriptive as possible! If your travels took you to India, you could describe the rich and aromatic experience of eating curry or the refreshing and cooling experience a rose lassi provided you. If your adventure led you through the marshy swamps of the Everglades, you could describe the delicious southern cuisine you encountered. Giving your readers a taste of your experience will certainly leave them hungry for more.

For more information on what to include in an adventure memoir, contact a professional near you. 


16 December 2021

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