How Doll Sewing Kits And Stories Can Help Your Bullied Child Open Up


According to research, nearly one out of every five school-aged children say they have been bullied. As alarming as that is, another study found that children who were chronically bullied were five times more likely to self-harm later in adolescence. If you are the parent or grandparent of a young child who is being bullied, it's crucial for you to open the lines of communication with the child in your care so you can assess whether or not it's time for professional guidance from a therapist.

21 May 2017

Charter Schools And Alternative Pedagogy For The 21st Century


Starting a charter school is a massive undertaking. The process usually takes one to two years and involves some major decision making. First and foremost on the list of things to do is to determine the pedagogy that you want for the school. Pedagogy, or the method with which students are taught, can determine the entire direction of the school and is often very different from a traditional public school. In the 21st century, some charters schools are turning to classical roots while others are moving in the direction of personalized learning for each individual student.

18 May 2015