How To Get Your Little Child Started With Math Using Drawing


Are you home schooling your child? Perhaps he or she is about to start kindergarten. Either way, getting him or her started with math at home is a great idea. Those math concepts can be tricky, so think about helping your child get a head start by using methods that contain drawing, such as those from Mary Smale. Start With Stories - Use numbers every chance you get. For example, when you read story books like The Three Little Pigs, point to each piggy and say the word three as you point to each piggy.

12 August 2017

How Doll Sewing Kits And Stories Can Help Your Bullied Child Open Up


According to research, nearly one out of every five school-aged children say they have been bullied. As alarming as that is, another study found that children who were chronically bullied were five times more likely to self-harm later in adolescence. If you are the parent or grandparent of a young child who is being bullied, it's crucial for you to open the lines of communication with the child in your care so you can assess whether or not it's time for professional guidance from a therapist.

21 May 2017