How To Use Cannabis Responsibly


Contrary to popular belief, many people don't wish to smoke cannabis, typically referred to as marijuana or pot, simply for the effects of the drug. Some states allow the drug to be used on a personal, recreational level or for medicinal purposes. If you want to try cannabis but don't want to do so irresponsibly, here are tips for using marijuana in a safe way so you can get the benefits of this herb.

26 September 2018

3 Classroom Management Tips For Elementary School Teachers


When you were studying to become an elementary school teacher, you probably imagined a classroom of rapt children hanging onto your every word. Instead, you have a chaotic and noisy classroom where no one seems able to stay focused on the task at hand. It's time to take control of your classroom through more effective classroom management techniques. Here are a few tips to implement in your classroom this school year:

4 July 2018

Homeschooling In The Middle School Years: 3 Ways To Make History Come Alive For Your Child


Your decision to homeschool your child gives you the freedom to adjust your teaching style to fit your child's needs. During the middle school years, it often becomes necessary for homeschooling parents to try new things to keep their child's interest up in subjects that are critical for their learning. You can use these tips to motivate your child to work on their history lessons so that they can learn more about how things work in the world.

10 May 2018

Setting Up The Perfect Classroom


Setting up a daycare space is one of the most enjoyable parts of starting your new childcare business. Providing for the needs of educating children requires a lot of supplies and equipment. Here is a look at the basic pieces of furniture every classroom should have. Carpet Start with a comfortable base to build your room upon. You can choose from brightly colored area rugs, or rugs in more subdued, calming colors.

28 December 2017

How To Get Your Little Child Started With Math Using Drawing


Are you home schooling your child? Perhaps he or she is about to start kindergarten. Either way, getting him or her started with math at home is a great idea. Those math concepts can be tricky, so think about helping your child get a head start by using methods that contain drawing, such as those from Mary Smale. Start With Stories - Use numbers every chance you get. For example, when you read story books like The Three Little Pigs, point to each piggy and say the word three as you point to each piggy.

12 August 2017

How Doll Sewing Kits And Stories Can Help Your Bullied Child Open Up


According to research, nearly one out of every five school-aged children say they have been bullied. As alarming as that is, another study found that children who were chronically bullied were five times more likely to self-harm later in adolescence. If you are the parent or grandparent of a young child who is being bullied, it's crucial for you to open the lines of communication with the child in your care so you can assess whether or not it's time for professional guidance from a therapist.

21 May 2017